Worship Ministry

Coordinator: Bill Berndt and Linda Jacobson
Council Rep: Bill Berndt

Members: Bill Berndt, Sarah Bondhus, Cara Getschel, John Hamilton, Linda Jacobson, Carolyn Jackson, Camryn Shea, Michael Stang

Worship is the setting in which our faith community engages God’s Word and receives the sacraments that equip us to live our baptismal faith. HOPE Lutheran invites people into dynamic, active and vital worship to God’s glory and to send us forth to live as witnesses to God’s love in the world.

Hope Lutheran Music Groups:

HOPEfull SATB ensemble

HOPEfolk Folk and Contemporary

HighHOPE Treble vocal group

HO-PE-le-le  Youth ukulele ensemble

HOPEbrass Brass for Celebration Sundays

Strings of HOPE Ukulele, guitar and other strings