Education Ministry

Coordinator: Jean Loudon
Council Rep: Paula Klacan and Karen Rodewald

Members: Ryan Brill, Karen Brohaugh, Elise Forward, Paula Klacan, Jean Loudon, Karen Rodewald and Darlene Serene

Note:  HOPE does not currently offer a Sunday morning education program. Please let us know if this is a priority for you.


 Faith Adventures: Grade 4K-5
4:00-4:20      Snack and arrival
4:20-4:30      Music
4:30-5:15       Picture the Bible Lesson or other Activity
5:30-6:00      Congregational Meal
6:00-6:30     Mid Week Worship for All

Confirmation: Grades 6-9
5:30-6:00      Congregational Meal
6:00-6:30      Worship
6:30-7:30      Picture the Bible Lesson and Discussion

Picture the Bible Curriculum:

This is our second year for the “Picture the Bible” curriculum that uses a fine art image to prompt a discussion that goes beyond the Bible story to build connections, raise questions, and prompt discussion. Project days and other activities are also built into the calendar.  Both Faith Adventures and Confirmation use these materials.

New for Confirmation:

Youth are divided into two classes for instruction.  One will meet from 6:30-7:30 the first and third Wednesdays, and the other will meet the second and fourth Wednesdays.  Hopefully this will make schedules more manageable. The first Wednesday, September 26, we ask parents to join us as one big group to go over the plans for the year.

To Register:

Follow this link for a form that can be completed and submitted on line.  Paper copies will also be available at the church.


We ask parents to

  • keep this ministry in their prayers
  • regularly check e-mail for up dates
  • encourage and support youth in full participation of both worship services and youth activities
  • provide feedback on what works and what we’re missing
  • contribute $15 per family per semester for snacks (Faith Adventures only)

NOTE: Registration forms will also be e-mailed to members, posted on HOPE’s web site, and available at the church office.  Please complete them promptly, so we can plan for our class sizes. Calendars for the year will be given out on Kick Off Sunday.

For more information, contact any of the following:

Jean Loudon, Education Coordinator,

Olive Olson, HOPE’s Office Administrator,